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Dimplexity | Revolt

I love how calm the edit is. Editor: IEzi3


T!MB3[R] by emiz

Gotta love the editors from Sunny Pictures.


Just an abstract wallpaper I made in a few minutes.. See in full size for better quality..
Abstract Wallpaper

Hamburglar – Sticky Comics

Awesome Color Theory Wallpaper!

This is a color theory quick reference poster that you can set as your wallpaper. It seems quite helpful.
Color Theory

Photo Edit | Finished

I didn’t really want to carry out this edit to long so I went ahead and just added some finishing touches.
Car Photo

Gimp Smudge Effect.

I’m working on a photo edit and I feel that I did pretty good on the smudge effects. Note: This is still a work in progress.

Gimp Smudge Effect

Black Ops – Emblem Speed Art

Watch IExcLuSiiVeX make car logo emblems in Black Ops! To see more of his works sub him.

Black Ops Class Guide.

Black Ops

For all you Black Ops players out there I spent about 2 hours making a pretty decent class guide. Click “Read More” to see the rest!
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