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Modern Warfare 2 – My views

Modern Warfare 2

Some of my views and opinions on Mw2. Not that they matter, but why not post?

1. Getting a quickscope kill doesn’t make you “SUP3R1337PR0”.

2. Stun grenades & Flash bangs are annoying.

3. I’m the only real pro. Get over it 😉

4. SPAS – 12 is one of the best weapons in the game.

5. Throwing knives are legit.

6. Just because you are in/own a clan doesn’t make you “awesome”.

7. If you are in j-tag lobbies all the time, that doesn’t make you a noob.

8. Camping is more realistic than running around 360 quickscoping everyone.

9. Hackers are cool.

10. Remember, it’s just a game.



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