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Black Ops: My Thoughts?

Black Ops Screenshot
Black Ops stuff that I’m excited about…

Okay, no lie, this is the most hyped game ever haha. But is it “over hyped”? Ah I hope not. But here are some things I’m excited about.

  • No quickscoping! (some one will find a way to do it, but hopefully it won’t be so easy)
  • Exploding Car (now this sounds awesome, but I have a feeling as more kids start playing it’s going to get abused)
  • Ballistic Knife (this is going to be the new commando. people are going to call if nooby but I would have to disagree)
  • Zombie Mode (Treyarch should be able to pull this off, I think if they can get it just right it will make the game so much better)
  • New Perks (some sound awesome, some sound like they suck. i guess we’ll find out)

Another thing I’m kind of ready to see is the new weapons. But I didn’t think that deserved a bullet.

Also here’s the newest Black Ops video I’ve found:

This probably wasn’t a very interesting post. Because my opinions don’t really matter 😉


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