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My 5 Favorite Tweeters!

Sorry but you have to click the “Read more” to see them because I got lazy and put them in an up & down list and it would look messy if I just posted it plainly.
So hopefully you like some of the people you see.

Testing an HD font I found.

No impressive artwork here. Just seeing if I want to make this font an option for the ID cards I’m working on. (They currently don’t have a name)

ID Card Project.

ID Card

This is just a test, and definitely not a final design. This card is inactive (obviously), but I’m just trying to see how it should look.
Yes I know, there are TONS of these out there. But I felt like starting a project.

The Story of Halloween


Halloween Pumpkin









Well, since it’s almost Halloween I decided to share the story of how it all began..

5 Amazing Wallpapers

Seasons Wallpaper

Seasons Wallpaper