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ID Card Project.

ID Card

This is just a test, and definitely not a final design. This card is inactive (obviously), but I’m just trying to see how it should look.
Yes I know, there are TONS of these out there. But I felt like starting a project.


Black Ops – Tejbz First Thoughts

Black Ops Montage – sTaXx

Final Boss Wins Halo Championship.

MLG Halo 3
The latest on the MLG, Halo 3 National Championship.

“Congratulations to Final Boss who have just toppled Status Quo for the 2010 National Championship! Along with the title of National Champions, the squad just won $100,000. This win was full of meaning for Final Boss. They did what no other Halo 3 team could do: win three events in a row. Pistola tied ElamiteWarrior for most Halo 3 titles. Finally, OGRE 2 won his fourth National Championship, going out on top of every single Halo game in Pro Circuit history (2004 for Halo: CE, 2007 for Halo 2, 2010 for Halo 3). Can you say “complete dominance”? Congratulations once again to Final Boss!” -MioFF on

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Black Ops: My Thoughts?

Black Ops Screenshot
Black Ops stuff that I’m excited about…

Devine Icon Pack

This is one of the best icon packs I have. 5/5

Icon Pack

Social Media Sleek Icons: Icon Pack

Very sleek and clean. I recommend them.

Social Icons

Call of Duty: Black Ops -Preview-

Black Ops Screenshot

  • The highest level is 50 and Prestige Mode will return, but the number of Prestiges is currently unknown.
  • In the Black Ops rank system, the player must level up to unlock weapons for purchase.
  • Drivable vehicles will return in the form user-controlled killstreaks such as the RC-XD andChopper Gunner.
  • Some campaign levels will be based off multiplayer maps instead of the typical vice-versa. This change is because some multiplayer maps had been made before the campaign was finalized.
  • Players can now record, manage, edit and upload in-game video clips to their file share via “theatre mode.”
  • Matchmaking is being changed so that it is easier for friends to play together.
  • In-game currency will be used to purchase weapons and upgrades.
  • Split screen online for the Xbox 360 has been implemented.
  • Unlike in World at War, submachine guns will have full movement speed while aiming down the sights, as they did in most other Call of Duty games.



CoD Points

CoD Points are a new major feature of Black Ops. CoD Points will become the new in-game currency and will allow players to buy weapons, attachments, andContracts. In addition to this, players are also allowed to wager these points in certain game modes.



Contracts are a new system in addition to the classic challenge system in Black Ops. A player is able to buy a contract with CoD Points, which will then direct them to complete an object. Completion of a contract will yield a higher CoD point payout than what was originally paid for the contract itself.

Halloween Homepage

I created this today, it’s just some idea that popped into my head. Enjoy.

Homepage design

Mini Social Networking Icons.

Mini Social Networking Icons

These are great, they get a 4/5.

Social Networking Icons Example