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Alive by MiXeP

This is by far one of the best CS montages I have seen.


Black Ops Class Guide.

Black Ops

For all you Black Ops players out there I spent about 2 hours making a pretty decent class guide. Click “Read More” to see the rest!

New Sig/Tag!

Nothing too impressive. Nice and simple. About 10 minutes of work XD

Photography try?

I decided giving photography a try..

Crysis – Beautiful Nature

Acog Fury – Black Ops Minitage

My 5 Favorite Tweeters!

Sorry but you have to click the “Read more” to see them because I got lazy and put them in an up & down list and it would look messy if I just posted it plainly.
So hopefully you like some of the people you see.

Azhh – Black Ops Minitage

Secret RC Car Routes – Black Ops

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3 Piece Match Winner.