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Testing an HD font I found.

No impressive artwork here. Just seeing if I want to make this font an option for the ID cards I’m working on. (They currently don’t have a name)


ID Card Project.

ID Card

This is just a test, and definitely not a final design. This card is inactive (obviously), but I’m just trying to see how it should look.
Yes I know, there are TONS of these out there. But I felt like starting a project.

Black Ops Montage – sTaXx

Final Boss Wins Halo Championship.

MLG Halo 3
The latest on the MLG, Halo 3 National Championship.

“Congratulations to Final Boss who have just toppled Status Quo for the 2010 National Championship! Along with the title of National Champions, the squad just won $100,000. This win was full of meaning for Final Boss. They did what no other Halo 3 team could do: win three events in a row. Pistola tied ElamiteWarrior for most Halo 3 titles. Finally, OGRE 2 won his fourth National Championship, going out on top of every single Halo game in Pro Circuit history (2004 for Halo: CE, 2007 for Halo 2, 2010 for Halo 3). Can you say “complete dominance”? Congratulations once again to Final Boss!” -MioFF on

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Devine Icon Pack

This is one of the best icon packs I have. 5/5

Icon Pack

Social Media Sleek Icons: Icon Pack

Very sleek and clean. I recommend them.

Social Icons

Halloween Homepage

I created this today, it’s just some idea that popped into my head. Enjoy.

Homepage design

Mini Social Networking Icons.

Mini Social Networking Icons

These are great, they get a 4/5.

Social Networking Icons Example

Forum Homepage

Yeah, this is probably one of my better designs.

Blog Theme – 1

This is my first blog theme, so this one also sucks. But I’m trying to get better.

I also know HTML & CSS won’t really help me code stuff. But its the basics and I meant thats what I’m learning.

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