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Black Ops Class Guide.

Black Ops

For all you Black Ops players out there I spent about 2 hours making a pretty decent class guide. Click “Read More” to see the rest!


Azhh – Black Ops Minitage

3 Piece Match Winner.

My Favorite Black Ops Class.

Black Ops

It’s not like anyone is interested, but this is the class I use & I love it.

One in the Chamber – Polish Penguin

Pretty good commentary and game play from ThePolishPenguin.

Black Ops – Tejbz First Thoughts

Black Ops Montage – sTaXx

Black Ops: My Thoughts?

Black Ops Screenshot
Black Ops stuff that I’m excited about…

Se7en Sins

Se7en Sins
Ah! This is my 3rd post in the last 4 hours or so. But oh well, if you have an Xbox 360 and you enjoy modding or hosting 10th lobbies and things like that, this is the site for you.

Quick Scope Talk – Wings

This is wings talking about quick scoping and other gaming stuff. I like this video, even though I don’t agree with everything he says. Enjoy.